The Story Of A Wanderluster

nicole 1
Summer is upon so travelling schedules to local or foreighn places are in full force. Meet Nicole; a  wanderluster at heart who had my my eyes glued in to my instagram feed each time she post pictures from her recent trip to Senegal. Funny story about us is the fact that Nicole and I haven’t formally met but we’ve been mutual friends through her little sister who has been a great friend of mine from College. Captivating and informative captions led me to her inbox and thankfully she agreed to answer these questions from our interview.  Continue reading

{Fight Song}



Eske sa pa janm rive’w pou’w renmen yon bagay epi moun ki antoure’w ouswa moun ou renmen yo pa konprann rezon ki fè ou renmen bagay sa? Yo pa konprann se yon pasyon ke’l ye pou ou. Yo pa konprann ke w’ap chèche pou’w gen plis konpetans nan sa’w renmen an pou al pi lwen. Lavi a mande anpil pèsistans pou rive nan nenpòt sa’w bezwen an. Mwen toujou ap swiv kòman moun ki rive yo pale de jan wout la pat janm fasil pou yo paske’l te ranpli ak anpil enkonpreyansyon de fanmi ak zanmi yo, presyon ak dlo nan je, pou yo resi rive fonse pòt ki te bloke yo an. Continue reading

20 somethings life lessons

It’s obvious that I haven’t been on this planet for a long time but if you look around, you can guess that I’ve been present for a little while now. Like any other human being, I’ve experienced my highs and low. There were moments where my eyebrows were raised, my occasional WTF? moments and my favorite have been where I could not retain my laughter Continue reading