Leopard + Front Cut Mini Skirt


I’ve tried on a couple of safe trends, but as of late my liking for large leopard prints on blazers or tops remains stong. My style lately are made of solid colors, black or navy blue skinny leg denim or pair of pants. A couple of basics to make mix and matching easier. Although I like retail therapy as much as the next girl, I  barely shop for clothes when I am in Haiti.

For the price of one retail item in my country, I can get at least 3 more items for that same unit price online or overseas. Every now and then when it is necessary I splurge. Although I wear pants for the most part, nothing says soft and feminine like the cut on the front of this yellow skirt. Yellow is among my favorite color at the moment, hence when this gem was gifted to me by my aunt; trust me child I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to start wearing it.

Darling do you see how radiant this yellow is? I thought Pink was my favorite color but yellow and orange are winning my heart.

Top : H&M

Mini Skirt : Gifted

Shoes : Petit Chateau (Retail store in Haiti)

Necklace : Gifted








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