4 Life Lessons for the Corporate Life


My career path is nothing short of amazing. I’ve been on the job market since 17 back when I lived in Florida. My career developpement went beyond the safe walls of my High School and College Classes. But an alumni of Mckeel Academy of Technology, the school’s curriculum made it important to go the extra miles on everything specially on being literate in technology. They also gave us the opportunity to explore the careers in our interests by going foreshadowing businesses and interning during Senior Year. 

May 2nd 2016 marks the first year since I’ve became a “Corportae Girl”. Styling my 8am-5pm office wear with neutral makeup to make life easier for me. My entry level is as a customer representative at a prestigious private institution in Haiti; Not bad for a girl who’s discovering her path in life, right?

For the past 9 years  I’ve help previous positions where I’ve delt with face to face intereactions with people. Yet nothing can compare to the customer service experiences I’ve gained from my first 6 months at my job. Although I may sound and look confident in the lessons that I am about to share with you let me tell you that never in million years I would think that I’d be at the position to share these with you. My learning experience was brutal and similar to an army boot camp. IMG_1538

The first 3 months were filled with learning different techniques on the institution’s softwares. Finding the way that works best for me when I am working. Learning financial and banking jargons. Observing case studies, jottin down to find similiarties and differences that I’ve noticed. I’ve learn to master excel sheets to convey them into monthly reports. My top challenge within these 3 months was to switch from speaking fluent English all the time to speak proper French and Haitian Creole to serve clients. Needless to say, I had a lot on my plate within a year. With God’s help and the people he gave me as angels I had the support of my parents, family and my best friends. Without them I think my stress level and anxieties wouldn’t allow me to find the good in this rough path that I was in.  I am by no means done with learning but I’d like to believe that I am a product of multiple sources of strength and resilience . I know there are a lot of young woman like me trying to keep up and fronting on a brave face just to make it to the top. So for you I am presenting the lessons that I’ve learn from my first corporate experiences so you can stay encouraged.


1-Listening is an actual skill to solve problems

I have the skill to help people understand their monthly banking report when it looks all gibberish to them. It can be easy to respond to the basic questions but it is tough when you get the occasional rude remarks, the yellings and the odd behaviors. However, I’ve learn to take my time to listen to customers just to identify their issues and work my way from there. Once I am able to connect the dots from listening that’s when I am able to translate these issues to our banking jargons. Those are the best routes for me to deliver the best possible solution there could be based on the company’s policies. Going in depth of this skill, I realize that I can use it outside of work to solve problems and conflicts in my surrounding.

2-Discipline becomes 2nd nature

In the Haitian system, it is believed that if you can make at least a year in the banking system you can work anywhere. From the moment that I step my foot at work there are countless of follows up that needs to be addressed, checked and revised by my superiors. There are good days at the office when everything goes through for customers according to our standards. But I’ve experiences my fair share of bad weeks where my motivation gets thrown under the bus. What I mean by discipline is that I’ve learn to gather my facts accordingly before I bring my argument to the table. Furthermore, I’ve learn to classify my documents based on the level of urgency there is for multiple cases for executions. Although you have to work hard, my motto in life is to work smarter.


3-You are responsible

I hear this word so often from the time that I am in school to owning my first car, it gets thrown in the dailey.  It took another dimension of comprehension when I made several mistakes in the first months that I was learning on the job. After serious interaction with my bosses I had a better comprehension of owning and being capable to treat all the cases that were presented to me in my service. I understood that I had my part of responsibilities to make the job easier for the other departments within the company. I understood also that I am at age where I cannot run away from being responsible hence I stepped up my games in being somewhat financially savvy, reading more on personal development and being a kick  kick ass millennial young woman. 

4-Being a little friendly won’t hurt

On my first day of the job I had another co-worker who was starting the same day as me. I remembered her because we were both at the Human Ressources office before we started. When I saw her outside, I shared a corny joke and we became good friends because we shared a similiarity. We helped each other grow and when we were having our motivations thrown under the buses we discussed it over happy hour and some good pizza sessions. I am not big on sharing the bits of my personal life for the sake of conversations but I no longer mind being friendly with my co-workers. It helps with the learning process, people are able to tolerate you and who knows….it can lead you further in your career path.


It is in my hope with my life lessons that I can help you realize that nothing is out of reach if you believe and you stay focus. Stay Encouraged and till the next blog post for more exciting life lessons.

It’s All Love



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