5 Lessons to progress at work

Happy New Year of 2017 for the newly corporate girl and to the boss babes of 9-5 and the entrepreneurs. It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve landed my first summer job fresh out of high school.and it’s been an adventure ever since. Though it’s been a decade since that first step, the learning experience never take a pause. I’ve recently made my debut in the big corporate world as a banker so I was dominated by excel sheets, banking softwares, foreign vocabularies and boy new challenges upon my entrance. From school age teacher to the corporate world. Based on my experience there, these are the 5 ways that I keep up with my sanity…Cause Lord knows I needed to keep up with that.





1Be honest with thyself

You will be pressured to know and absorb almost everything in your new environment. There’s no sugar coating this because you HAVE to know and focus on your objectives and tasks. The best way to evaluate the progress that you’re making is by keeping track of what you understand and contrast them with what you don’t fully understand. List in bullet points cases you’ve stumbled upon that pushes your curiosity to grasp what needs to be understood. When you list them in a notebook, go back to your notebook and re-read what you wrote. It’s been proven that you understand something even better when you write the explanations in your own words. Don’t be afraid of keeping a notepad near to list anything that seems foreign to you. You’re there to GROW and WORK so being honest with yourself about what you know and what you don’t know are only fair to your development .


2Pettiness is not allowed

You will be spending more of your time at work, so your department and your co-workers will most likely be your 2nd family. There’s bound to be conflict wherever there’s more than 3 people breathing in a room girl friend.With that being said some of your co-workers will click with you and some just won’t. They will make it hard for you to prosper and you will be tempted to say something slick when you’re heated in the moment. One Advice… Leave the pettiness to them. Whenever you catch your tongue on fire to say something petty, remember how it might impact your future referrals if you decide to explore your options elsewhere. Protect them future referrals baby. You’re not being a punk if you decide otherwise. You’re just making your chess move by swerving a negative referral on your behalf. There’s defending yourself with professionalism which is only right but petty attitude and cuss words surely won’t solve the problem.


3Dress Up

I’ve noticed whenever I took the time to prepare my wardrobe for work, I felt more fired up to pour out my energy for the day and I felt more compelled to do what needed to be done. It’s not because I am wearing something expensive or so but because I felt confident and polished up for the day. If I took pride in what I wore, I felt more ready to do the tasks for the day. I’ve had my downtime from work and it did impacted my humor in the morning and when it affected how I show up for work it felt as if a sad cloud was following me everywhere and downgraded my mood even more. What I mean is, Get Up, Dress Up and Show Up.

4-Check Yo Self before you Wreck Yo Self (AutoEvaluation)

How do you feel about the changes around you? Are you excited, are you disappointed so far? Are you putting your best feet forward? Are you happy or unhappy? Do you even care or do you feel like you helping the place go further?

Do you feel like quitting or are you still eager to knock some of your obstacles? If you’re not happy identify your stress factors. Bad days at the office can be common but if they persist, they will affect you and your performances. It’s important to evaluate how you’re feeling in your work environment since you’re there 80% of the time. The auto-evaluation is your map to multiple aspects in your professional life. It re-enforce your strength where your superiors have taken off points from you in your performances. It helps you go further in your career. It helps you pat yourself on the shoulder when you finally understand something that was foreign to you once.


Pump up the volume after work. Have the luxury to gather round with friends for a happy hour. Go out and kiss your significant other. Take your momma and pops to lunch. Because work is stressful, the best way to balance these out is surely by relaxing.

Resolutions or Not, it’s important to give the best of you no matter the circumstances.
It’s All Love


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