Framing your own path

expsCan you believe that we are 4 shy months away from the end of the year? How did you spend your year? If you are a young twenty something like I am, we have entered the real world by now. Our conversations have shifted from having part times jobs to searching for or to having “Real” jobs now. You’ve noticed that your high school mates are seriously expanding their family. It’s those signs that makes you realize that you can no longer afford to be reckless or be too careless about the direction that you chose for your life.

express landscape

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We are at the end of the 8th month, the year got tougher and challenging in a way that it does for someone who is maturing her work experiences at a high rate competing work market. I’ve transferred from being a full time Marketing College student holding a contracting job at Compassion International,to my first 8am-5pm entry level position at a very private serious institution. As I am going through a very difficult moment in my career right now, I’ve decided to look back at the good times from where it all started just to keep up with the race.

Previously at Compassion International, I’ve headed up north to places like Archaie, St Marc, Mont-Rouis, Artibonite. Sometimes I’ve stayed within the Capital and other times I’ve traveled down south like Gressier, Leogane visiting children at their Compassion Project teamed with the National Compassion Team with Sponsors and donors from foreign countries. Sometimes travelling meant being away from my family for a couple of days whenever I was outside of Port-Au-Prince to serve. However tired as I could have been, no one could ever deny the pride and the satisfaction that were on my face whenever a tour was over. 

I’ve carried with me pages full of smiles, kisses and sunshine from these children and these places as well. Inspiring stories of how parents are surviving to help their children with little they have. Other stories of how a Compassion project have strengthen a vulnerable community by being a shield to the children and their immediate family by teaching them skills that could be useful and resourceful to them so they too know how to stand on their own. In this journey, I’ve walked under the blazing hot sun with a child hand in my hand on home visits. Other time, I’ve paused in my interaction with my small crowd just to avoid any tears from falling down whenever I was in the middle of translating a heartbreaking story during home visits. I am grateful that I’ve experience all  of this in this resilient virgin island of mine.



express girl


The purpose of my story is that you may be going through a difficult season in your career (Or other aspects) but whenever your environment is faithfully flossing your flaws at you, I invite you to remember moments that once made you smile, find STRENGTH in them. Learn from your mistakes to be a better YOU and show them that you are still standing through the hell they’ve created for you baby girl.

It’s all Love



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