Book Review (Yon Ti Koze ak Se’m)





I was about fifteen years old when I grew to appreciate Gessica’s work through her movies. I believe that it all started from watching her moving performance as a weary teenage girl forced to face life on her own in a movie called ‘Cousines‘. Although she has numerous movies where she plays the principal role,  my appreciation for her craft started there and eventually moved up from her critical thinking and past moving stories posted on her FB Wall (Trust me, Facebook is as informative as entertaining up to the other work that she has done.

Actress turned into author, she recently blew all of us away as she announced the book signing of her first book; “Yon ti koze ak se’m” (Conversations with my sister translated from Haitian Creole). Composed of 100 pages, this small book is a delight for whoever choose to read it. Written in our natives tongues, Haitian Creole and French, it gives the reader endless opportunities to read it again and again. The book is dedicated upon 3 major categories that I consider as matter of heart for not only the author but to her readers as well. She wrote about lessons she gained from experiencing love, what is it and isn’t for her. She exposed evoking life lessons written from the soul by purposely writing these proverbs at the beginning of each chapter just so she could support her point of view.  She chose a personal loving tone mixed with some tough love as she let us travel from her own experiences. 

If you are one who just like to have cool or heated debate, this book is surely the right tool for you to start exchanging ideas based on what you understood from Gessica’s writing. But whether your friends read it with you, or you just share one of her many quotes, I bet you it will land you some powerful exchanging of thoughts. Of course right after I read the book, I was inspired to keep writing but…lol I kept writing my short bust of piece on Instagram instead.

It’s been awhile but thank you for stopping by to read, you’re the real deal

It’s all Love




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