Personal Style File


Hello there beautiful people, I am so glad that I am able to seat in my room to take it all in while listening to music while structuring this post for you to read. I am thankful that today was an easy breezy day though it’s everything but easy breezy in Haiti but I do find joy in the little things. Speaking of finding joy, I’ve been doing a 30 days challenges on my Instagram account where I express my thoughts on things that grabs my attentions while mixing in my selfies to make it enjoyable. It’s great to see how  it fuels me to put to life the thoughts that I have concerning my approach for life and how I interpret quotes that I find interesting. Plus, it’s another way for me to lessen a bit the bubble gum captions that I’ve used to to post under my pictures. After the challenge comes to its full term, I will go back to look at what I wrote, laugh, think and remain the positive vibe that I create through it.


So far the one that spoke volume to me was the post written on day 5 from this challenge. Whenever I read it again, I feel like I was a having a “clap back” moment in my head (Lol if I can say this) to whoever felt they were entitle to change me when they had no idea how I’ve shaped myself to be where I am now. In order for you to understand why I was angry, you’d have to go through the root of what led me to write this. I  was angry because I’ve allowed myself to love someone who made me feel as if I wasn’t enough or worse I felt as if I wasn’t doing enough. Though many emotions were bouncing through my head that day, I reflected on that very well known saying “Stay True to yourself” as a way to remind myself I am enough. In that position staying true to myself means to keep being loving to others and to myself as well. Staying true to what makes me happy, staying true to what makes me comes alive and staying true and away from toxins. Getting angry over something foolish that someone I’ve loved said in the past won’t get me nowhere positive.

People always say “stay true to yourself” but how will you know how to do so if you don’t take the time to know yourself? Gade! Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you “love yourself too much” were they able to contribute to your growth? I bet you not…know yourself, love yourself, allow others to love you as well within that self love




As for the personal style,I believe the crazy trials for me in trying out has come to an alt for me. I noticelately that I love to wear one color in different textures or patters or  shades but it’s contrasting it with a hot color to finish up a look that gets me even more excited. As you can see in the pictures for colors choices of clothes I love yellow tones, khaki pants and nude heels and royal blue.k As for the makeup, I’ve been keeping my eyes very soft with neutral shades set with some red lips. Oh! my I love it so much that it makes me want to shout all the way through the roof lol. Yes I do! .IMG_4971.JPG

Some words and some style, now how I love it

It’s All Love and nothing but Love




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