New Year’s Outfit


Am I late for renewing my yearly greetings to you all friends? Well let me start by wishing you a Happy Productive New Year, I am grateful for the time you spend to read what I’ve posted. Shall I write briefly what I have learn from the past year? The year of 2015 bought me a tremendous push in writing because for a short term I was a beauty writer contributor for a well know Haitian Blog who preached beauty inside and out Bel Neges. I’ve always be prone to fashion and beauty but I was a little clueless on how to transform it into writing.A  better understanding at building an organic connection with you all which transforms into friends and potential clients.

I was also able to travel the country side of Haiti with my job which led me to keep on brainstorming for the development for my Tshirt brand which is “Lakay se Lakay”. I’ve also delt with challenges that came in regards to the growth of that brand but thank goodness I had some support that snatch me out from my pity parties to get back on track. I was also able to work along side with a team who believed in the grow of the brand and they landed me their support to bring varieties to this T-shirt brand.

I was more aware of the benefits that Self-Love brings to my life. I’ve mastered that I have to keep on being my 1st supporter and my own competition in life. If you’re not right within how can you expect someone else to be right For You? Yes question to ponder on




I can’t complain about the fruits that 2015 bought me for  I was open, I remained positive though I am sure I’ve had my negative fall back. I laughed my heart out and I also cried my heart out as well. I paid great attention to what made me feel great. I understood that sometimes you have to surpass your feelings and do what is right. It’s not like I didn’t know thee before but I am so aware. I’ve felt forgotten butterflies returning back attacking the inside of my stomach lol. I also took care of myself for a better living condition by integrating workout plans that kept me interested for 30 minutes. Though it was hard but I am proud that I was able to follow my plan because I was that focus to get my Curvy Sexy back on (Haha). I’ve slacked up a little bit but I will get back with the same force that drag me to do it last time.  Mentally I took care of my friendships, wondering what went wrong, what is worth keeping and is worth saving and stopped watering the weeds that could have been toxic to me.

Well as for the Outfit details I wore my ensemble for New Year for a Service that my church holds every January 1st. My beautiful ankara Midi skirt is a birthday gift from my friend who lives all the way in Phoenix, Arizona. After my love for Haitian Arts, the 2nd will definitely go for African prints. I am a bubbly person so I feel that this skirt and my royal blue top enhanced me even more. I am so happy that I made this outfit my choice for the 1st day of the year of 2016. I’ve had my share of bad memories when it comes to celebrating the 1st day of a new year but I am so thankful of the differences for the past couples of years. Happiness and love suits me so much better so how about I keep it on the same rhythm? I hope you  are  all having a great time

It’s all Love




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