Trendy Transition to Fall


Every girl know how important it is for her to have a classic pair of black high heels shoes and a solid black purse in her closet. Although I have them all in my wardrobe, I get weak whenever I stumble upon clothing or shoes in nude colors. Nude high heels, flats and wedge shoes have been growing so strong in me lately. After the some of pairs of black high heels shoes, the nude colors of shoes will definitely get me weak.

Besides loving that particular shade in shoes, I love how beautiful it is when you contrast a nude color with a hot color, specially the colors used during the season of summer. It is also a good way to keep re-using the pieces that you have in your wardrobe as you’re still transitioning to fall. Although fall season isn’t obvious here in Haiti, I can feel a bit of difference in the home atmosphere, it is less hot inside even though outside it is still a killer. As for the shoes, I liked the booties a lot, I liked the color but I was very hesitant because of the fringe but once I gave it a second thought and realize that the fringe are not only trendy but makes a statement, we’ve been sidekicks ever since.

IMG_3541 IMG_3542





Well beauties it is all for today

It’s all Love



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