My 5 Favorite Beauty Products

IMG_7859As a young lady I am fully aware that our makeup bags are forever filled up with necessary products, favorite finished tubes of gooey stuff, wrong tones of foundations and how could I possibly forget the endless amount of  eye shadow palettes? Although some of these products have been on the Hit and Miss list, I decided that I would list in details my 5 favorite beauty products for the moment. Consider it as review but none of these products listed down below are sponsored. Ann Ale, Here we go :


1Onaturel Shea Butter cream is my daily run each time that I am set to leave for school or work. I bought it earlier this year based on the small info that I had learned about it during an art exhibit fair. l was truly excited to buy some of their products/ But I was also excited to know this energetic Haitian Cosmetic brand had its focus on educating and enhancing natural beauty to women of all ages catering to the ‘naturalistas’ and the ‘permalistas’ as well (lol pun intended) My first purchase from this brand was the Shea Butter hair-skin cream and also the rich transformation of the Shea amazed me as well. I was  able to test its quality when I was in Massachusetts last summer and I was so happy to see that it tamed my dry skin. The best thing about it is that it moisture my whole body and gives it a glow that leaves me to scream out loud or the desire to flaunt my legs lol. The moisture stays in ALL DAY, it hydrates and treats some of my scars and It also gives me an effortless natural glow. I bought the Onaturel Shea Butter cream here in Haiti,at La Sirene in Petion-Ville.

IMG_79162-I thought that my experiences with the beauty sponge this year took my experience with makeup to another lever but  it is the Up and Up Complexion Brush that took my makeup experience to a whole level. Believe me when I tell you that this brush does an amazing job at distributing my foundation or concealer flawlessly all around my face. I love the fact the assembles of bristle assures a great amount of coverage. I love it, I was hesitant buying it at first but it ended up being a great investment. I bought this at Target this summer, I am not totally sure if beauty stores in Haiti have these types of brushes yet in their stores.


3As much as I love experiencing with makeup, buying foundation can be both exciting and frustrating at times for me. My face can be very greasy, I also live in a tropical country and sometimes  the humidity can be a killer bro. So I take my time before I proceed to buy a great foundation. So far my favorite has been the products from Black Opal, but I am loving the Black Opal True Liquid Foundation oh my! this liquid foundation feels very light on my face, it also feels refreshing and it helps that it gives me an amazing coverage without having to put on too much. It dries quickly though but the only thing that I think would help out is if it had a little pump inside of the delicate bottle to avoid using an excess of foundation. If you live in Haiti, this can be easily be bought at any beauty stores but I bought mine at Janet.

IMG_79184-Who remembers putting on lip gloss in High school and feeling like they were everything? Ah I do, in fact my first lip gloss was a ‘Wet n Wild’ lip gloss purchase at a Win Dixie that was very near our house when we lived in Jacksonville. I was probably a sophomore at the time but I was feeling myself each time that I would wear it to go to school. Year later, leaving the high school day behind me, my love for ‘Wet n Wild’ has remained quite strong because their lipstick lines and colors are simply gorgeous. I am always having a hard time to choose the right colors shed of red lipstick for me whenever I am buying lipstick because I want to try them all lol but so far the ones that I love are : 911D Spotlight Red| 913C Sand Strom| 538A Just Garne| 918 Cherry Bomb


5I can’t finish this favorite list by forgetting a favorite eye-shadow palette. During my free days on my vacation up north, I had to see the new things that TJ Maxx had going on and I found a Max Studio metallic eye shadow palette. Although I love having fun playing with shadows, I am always concerned if the palette is pigmented or not. I dislike when the colors look washed up or they do not live to the excitement of the color they appear to be. But from the look of that palette, I could tell that number was highly pigmented and as you can see, the first round has been used so much that it’s empty lol that how wonderful the colors work on my eyelid since I do a lot of neutral eye make up. It’s perfect for metallic smokey eyes for the for a night out, it just brings out the best out of my eyes.

That is all for today beauties,

It’s All Love



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