Get Ready With Me : 7- Steps for a Soft Glam neutral look


Hey friends, I am so excited that you’re back here in my blog. A minor change has been done on the blog this week-end, are you able to spot it? Well, If you remember, this blog was formerly known as Expres-So Words but after learning a few content regarding social networking I decided modifying my blog name from Expres-So Words to Expres Sophie based on my URL web address. I will start classes pretty soon this October therefore my posts may slow down a little bit but it is in my hope that I find a balance to enjoy my hobby as well.

Today I am going to show you and write thoroughly the tips that I use to accomplish my every day look which is a neutral look which goes well for school, church and for other purposes. You are welcome to use these tips and turn them into your own. Just like my personal style in fashion, I’ve been growing in terms of learning the techniques that works for me when it comes to properly applying make up. So, let’s get started


red lips and nosy cheeks

1-Before I put on my eye shadow, I apply my eye primer from L.A Color into the surface of my eyes. It prevents the eye shadow from moving and it has the capacity to last. Follow the shape of your eyelid surface and apply it just like you see it. Please don’t apply the eye primer so much or so high that it reach the height of your brows.

2-Take your favorite eye shadow palette and choose a color close to a gold tone. In my case I am using my little E.L.F palette set in earth tone colors and from the tiny squares, I am choosing the color gold as my main color. It brings attention to my eyes, it awakes my face if I still look sleepy. 

3– After choosing my color gold eye shadow, I tap the brush lightly into my tray so the residue doesn’t fall into the surface of my face if I already have on foundation. With careful motion as my eyes are close, I start brushing from the corner of my eyelid right where the crease meets, then proceed to go in the middle of the eyelid and now into the area of my tear duck.

4-With my medium shadow brush, I choose the color dark brown from my Sleek Make-up beauty palette then apply it as my transition color only into the line crease of my eyes then end it nicely into the corner of each of my eyes.

5-After the applications of these colors, I take my blending brush to tone down any harsh lines left on the surface of my eyes and my crease. 

6-Then as I am halfway finish with my eyes, I use a mascara in Max Studio to thickened my lashes. I usually start from the bottom of my lashes then wiggle it all the way up and I go back and forth between both eyes so that my lashes can look super thick for this look.

7-I usually end my make up look with a classic cat eye, but learning how to make the perfect cat eye has been a challenge for me. The struggle of having one cat eye perfectly done and going crazy when the other wing looks disastrous will forever be in a girl’s life story lol. When I am not totally sure of making the cut with a dramatic cat eye, I just take my eyeliner, pass it down my eyes and just when I am getting to the corner of my eye, I transition into an oblique line so that my eyes, lashes  and the colors of my eye shadows stands out beautifully on their own.

And there you have my tips for a beautiful soft neutral glam look ladies 🙂IMG_7725





It’s all Love



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