3 ways to rock your white T-shirt

IMG_7636I’ve always read that fashion bloggers state the importance of having a white T-shirt among essential basic in a girl’s wardrobe. To be honest, I just never gave basic tops the times of the day because I felt that it only look great on the fashion bloggers. So styling basic top pieces never came to mind simply I’ve always found them dull looking when I’d go shopping. However as I am establishing a better understanding in my personal style taste, I’ve come to understand that with the right accessories, layers, bottoms you can transform a basic top to a great outfit. Although I’ve always had an eye for fashion and personal style, I feel like lately I’ve been playing a lot on what looks great on me, understand the colors that makes my golden complexion stands out, what I am willing to try and eventually toss aside when it dries out.

So in that journey of narrowing my chances to be all over the places with my style, I tried on ways that I too could shop my closet, remix pieces that I already own to create 3 outfits that I could wear for days with a basic V neck white T-shirt. Oh why don’t you come on it, read on the tips that I’ve come up with in my trials.

1-Wearing a statement necklace over a white shirt embellished the life out it. That statement necklace can be a piece that you consider to be bold, you can find it in a choker, a long pendant and handmade jewelries made with outstanding beads. The trick with these choice is the fact that it add interest and confidence without washing out the simplicity of the shirt.  In the pictures below I bought the statement necklace that I am wearing at Charlotte Russe in the Braintree Mall in Boston. Saying it’s been a favorite is an understatement. 




2-For some of my readers I know that you’re getting excited to wear the neutral tones for the season of fall. So you can dress up that white T with a colorful cardigan. In case you are going for a strong colored Tee, layer it up with a neutral cardigan, if the shirt is form fitting on you, play it up by adding a loose cardigan. Although I love fall, but with Haiti’s tropical weather, I replace the choice of wearing cardigan with my favorite short sleeve vest. It can be a vest from a different material, a denim best but as you see in the pictures, the vest does the layering perfectly for me instead of a cardigan. 

IMG_7682 IMG_7674


3-If I want to dress up my t-shirt a little bit more for a date night or a night out with the girls, I throw on a blazer mixed with the combination of the statement necklace or a choker. If my blazer is a colorful one I finish the look with a pair of nude heels, that way all of the bold colors from the top clash wonderfully with the bottom of my look. If I choose to wear a dark blazer with my white T-shirt underneath, I will balance the bottom of my outfit by wearing a pair of dark red heels.


IMG_7716 IMG_7708


Oh that is all for today, I can only hope the tips that I’ve found helps you in your journey of styling

It’s all Love



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