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For some reasons, I couldn’t upload my jumpsuit pictures from my latest blog entry. I kept trying to re-edit it so many times before I hit the publish button until I decided to just call it a day. In my attempt at replacing my words, here are the awesome pictures from my short photo-shoot session from my long time friend CC. Honestly I won’t be surprised if half of the portion of my closet is filled with red and white stripes. The colors red, olive, gold, black, pink and yellow goes best with my complexion. Some people might feel that I am being safe with the choices of my style but let’s all be honest here, personal style is how you make it work. You can be inspired by the blogger’s style, by the magazines or whatever you may prefer but how you add your own touch from these inspiration is what it personal to you.

So how about you, what is your favorite personal style choices?


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It’s all Love

Sophie πŸ™‚


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