Get Ready With Me : Eyebrows Routine + Purple Lips


Having your eyebrows traced to perfection is so in lately. it’s a popular trend. Some are on “Fleek” as beauty gurus love to say…(and as my BF love to say as well lol). But some eyebrows look as if they were killed as opposed to having life given to them *sigh* and some just leave me at a loss for words. Controversial as it seems but you’d be surprise to know that you can fill in your eyebrows without looking like you’re always mad. When I started with makeup back when I was 19, my eyebrows were the least of my worries, I was just excited to put on coats of blue Revlon eye shadow and call it a day.But after a few years of getting reminders from mom, I realize that the expression of your lovely face sits in between of your your eyebrows. All you need is to study the shape of your brows. Are they naturally thin? Are they thick? do you have a strong arch between the brows? 


The better you study the shape of the brows, the better you can fill them, and groom them naturally. You can use a dark brown or black pencil depending on the color of your hair and you can also use a gel liner. But please whatever you do, do NOT use a red color NO, just NO. The key is to give very light strokes to the direction of the hair of your brows. Down below you will see some pictures that will help you into the little guide that I wrote for you. Let’s get right into the fun 🙂

–My Basic tools—

1-Foundations : Avon-Ideal Flawless in Dark Cocoa- Black Opal true color,07 beautiful bronze 2-An old mascara brush 3-A dark brown pencil for eyebrows 4-Mascara 5-N.Y.X CS08 Nutmeg 6-An eyeliner 7-E.L.F little black book warm edition 8-Black Opal 11 Dark Cocoa pressed powder/M.A.C studio fix


1-With my old dry mascara I brush the hair from the brows going up then I go down to the direction of the brow tale just so that my arch can be visible to trace.

2-After that I make sure that all the hair of my brows are in the shape desired, I take my dark brown pencil and start to draw from the bottom a line that will be going up to my arch. After carefully stopping at the arch, I go down with my line in an oblique shape to the tail of my brows.

3-Repeat the small direction from step number 2 but this time you will be doing it on the superior part of the brows. Make sure that the drawn in line from the bottom meets with the drawn in line from the top when you’re at the tail of the brows

4-Now take your pencil and gently stroke it the empty space of your brows.

5-We’re not done yet, after both of your brows are shaped, you can now put a little precision onto them. You can use your daily foundation or your concealer to highlight your eyebrows. I dip in my angle brush into a little bit of my foundation and I dab it slowly in the same direction of my brows the same way that I was drawing them in.

6- Have you notice that your brow bone (beneath your eyebrows) color is a little bit lighter than your complexion? I love that part of my eyebrows so to elevate that color even more I mixed in my concealer with the highlight of my foundation and I blend them. Sometimes I blend in with my fingertips and sometimes I use a sponge to do my blending effectively. We’re using make up but the main goal is to always make it seem as natural as possible that’s why blending is so important

7-After all is said and done with my eyebrows, I put on some foundation and my choice is from Black Opal then I seal the look with my pressed powder Black Opal in their Dark Cocoa shade. As for my eyes I chose the color bronze in the E.L.F booklet to put just a little amount on the brow bone. to add a definition to my eyebrows.

8-Now you’re set to put on lipstick or lipstick but I chose a purple lipstick from Black Radiance.Now go on have a great day or evening with yo bad self.IMG_1004 IMG_1005 IMG_1007 IMG_1006 IMG_0999


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