A letter to my teenage self

Denim on Denim

Nothing stops you from doing work like opening a folder of old pictures that you’ve found of yourself and your best friends. As you’re looking through these lost files, you can’t help but laugh as you’re relieving some of these past moments clearly visible in your old photographs. You noticed the people who once were, are no longer around. But you are also thankful for the people who managed to keep up with friendship after these past years. It may hurt to feel the absence of your past friendships but it’s all part of this chaotic journey called adulthood.

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After a moment of relieving the good times through these pictures and a dreadful moment envying my perfectly curved body from back then, I realized that it was a well needed break from work. Then it was my moment to just pat myself over the shoulder to uplift my spirit with an encouraging heart. To honor these past years, I thought writing a letter to my teenage self based upon the quarter inch of wisdom that I’ve gained along the way would help me stay on track.

collage oldies Dear Teenage self, here’s are the few thing that you need to know

You will not have everything all figure out by the time you reach 20 nor will you have everything together in the decades of your 20’s. However you will build ways of understanding major things  that will help you have your life together.  When it comes to handling your money, you will have your high and lows when it comes to savings. But please don’t ever underestimate the different theories that you could use to start saving money from your paychecks, it’s okay to shop for yourself every now and then as long as you know your limits and your priorities. Being educated will never go out of style. Whatever you’re interested in, read about it, ask questions about it, research about it. Whatever you don’t understand ask your peers to help you out. You are wonderfully made of strength and weakness. It’s all part of the process of getting your ish together.

When it comes to love and relationships you need to know that crushes are called crushes for a reason. Some will be funny, some you won’t remember but the good news is they are temporary.  When it comes to dating please don’t settle for less nor should you believe that the man should love you more. You both need to be in love and growing in love with each other.  Keep in mind in the midst of pursuing your life, you will find the sweetest guy who will fall in love with you and whom you will fall for too. You two will be involve with each other’s lives equally. And to go further you will understand that your guy is a person on his own just like you are. You both have your similarities and your differences yet the beauty is knowing that you complement each other with both. 

When it comes to your hobbies and other skills, you’re the kind of girl who will try to turn anything you touch turn into gold. But what you need to know is that you can not tackle all of these skills or achieve all of these dreams at the SAME TIME. I will suggest that you start small then pour out your energy and strength with that one thing that you want to start with. You will be amazed how being focused can get you far.

Having a circle of friends is wonderful. Whenever you feel down on your worst days remember that quality goes above and beyond quantity when it comes to your friendships. There will be some people who will decide to open up to you and tell you all of their private issues, be there for these people but be wise and selective. Be selective as to whom you decide to vent yourself to. And when it comes to life I can only advise you this over repeated cliche sentence, to live your ” cliche phrase to live your life, take your heart and brain wherever you’re going and focus on watering your grass as well, that way you won’t feel intimated by your peers. How about you, what would you tell your teenage self? it’s all Love, Sophie 🙂


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