5 Inspirational tips for 2015 for you and I


Growing up, welcoming a new year made me more anxious rather than being as excited like the rest of the world. It’s a constant fear and phobia that I’ve been fighting to overcome for a while now. The story behind this fear started when I was probably 10 or 11 years old. A while back in the year of 1999 or 2000, my mother and I received a tragic phone call announcing the sudden death of a dear Church member, one of our Choir Directors. We froze for a good minute through our preparation to go our traditional Church service for January 1st. “How could it be”? I sobbed to my mother, remembering this man was laughing with my family during the Wee Hours of New Year Eve before he went home.



While my mom was taken back by the sudden wave of sadness, my father was bliss about the news for he was announcing to the church that we’d be having a great New Year concert not knowing the Choir director was now long gone. As the news started getting its way to the church rapidly that morning,I saw my protective mom standing firm and fighting with all her might any impostors who’d try to give my dad the news the wrong way…My January 1st had lost all its magic and the pure innocence of its childhood since that day.

Years fast forward that moment I became traumatized but every year is my way of moving, letting go and overcoming with force that trauma. So far, I am good. But honestly while I am putting that personal story aside, I don’t know about you but welcoming a New Year gives you a tremendous feelings of excitements and anxiousness .You know what you did for the past year. you’ve lived the moments, memories were made, lessons were learned and as the clock strikes 12:00 AM you’re seeing it all go. Yet while you’re juggling both excitement and being anxious, you are are wide open waiting and already imaging the countless possibilities that YOU will make during this new year coming.

1-It may be a New Year, but YOU will have to make something out of it. Transform all these beautiful hopes and dreams into concrete achievements.

2-If you feel like you want to turn in a new leave like the start of the new year, by all mean go ahead do it just remember to be precise and be realistic about it. If you want to go with the flow as well not bothering to make any resolutions, that is completely fine too as long as you keep on striving.

3-You will have moments of regrets every now and then but this time try to emphasized more from the lesson that were drawn into that moment of defeat and turn it around. You’re human, you may crack a few time but like the Honorable Dr. Maya Angelou said, Like Dust you will rise again, again and again.

4-Be mindful of the people you chose as your friends. If they can’t help you grow, if you can’t contribute to help them grow as well…what is the use of calling it friendship? Understand and respect that every circle of friends have different sets of individuals going different directions but the boost of support is the unbreakable bond of that circle. I’ve noticed this with my friends, I may love fine art, photography, makeup, fashion but my best friends love literature, business, chemistry, cooking, yet we are supportive of each other’s interests.

5-Understand that you are worth it. Your dreams are so valid, they are important and they will make the world go round once you work on them to be real.

May 2015 be as wonderful as you wish it to be

Cheers, Cheers, so much Cheers to you and thank you because you were part of my blogging journey during the year of 2014

L O V E,



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