Haiti Living and 10 things I’ve learn

soka 3When I came back from the States to Haiti, I remember the times that I would omit the fact that I lived outside of Haiti for a couple of years before I came back. I was a bit disoriented because the friends that I grew up with were on their own way to expand with their lives. I wanted to get in the norms of a typical Haitian young girl to be socially part of the cliques because I wanted to make new friends so bad. Until one day I decided to stop living a life through a well rehearse script and started embracing the lines and circumstances that are turning into my stories. I no longer omit that passage of my life anymore because it’s part of the little itsy pieces of me. When I tell my stories, I want people to understand and realize the true essence of my tales, what I went through, the emotions I felt, the dreams that I chase regarding of the country that I am living in.

soka 5

Moving back to Haiti has been quite the experience. The first couple of weeks were the hardest since my routines has changed a little bit. Some thing were not foreign to me since I was raised there but at times my patience would run on a thin thread or other day my heart would be filled with love for this country of mine. My love for Haiti is so similar to the relationship between a lover and I. You feel up above the clouds when he gives you the rush to be so passionate into loving him then the next day he completely messes you over. At the end of the day after all disputes have ended you recognize his flaws and he is your boo. This past October 22nd marks the 3rd anniversary since my mother and I open up the gate of a house we later transformed into a home. In the memory of my short 3 years in my homeland I came up with a light list of what my experiences has been like.

soka 6

1-Haitians have strong opinions about EVERYTHING and anything. They will ask any questions that tickles their curiosity and sometimes that curiosity leads them to tell you a raw comment. Exhibit A “Why did you move back to Haiti for, are you crazy??” Exhibit B “Awhh be careful not to get bigger” -_-

2-Haitian men have a mean hustle when it comes to checking girls out and talking them into being interested in them. Sometimes when the game is strong, we fall for these charmers. However when the game is wicky whack you best believe we send them walk.

3-Sometimes I feel that I should teach a thing, or two, or three to about Customer Care to these mean people up front of a business who are suppsedly responsible for the Customer Service department of a company. Whenever I can’t tell them something smart with my signature smirk, I just mumbled something under my breath. As you can see I take Customer Care seriously lol

soka 4

4-There’s a popular saying that says “If you can make it to New York you can make it anywhere” Let me do a remixing when I tell you that if you can drive in Haiti…you can drive anywhere…

5-Don’t be surprise when a random guy yelled out “Te Quiero” from the back of his Tap Tap when you are walking down the streets. You can either take offense of that or you can admit to yourself that you are darn right a pretty young thang.

6-Haitian Mothers will not have the “I am on a diet” conversation with you. My child you will EAT.

soka 8

7-When people around you knows that you speak English fluently, oh you better believe that you will turn into a teacher, a live talking dictionary, and a tutor all wrap in one.

8-Chickin [Pronounced Chi Keen] is a popular term used by Haitian to say “Scoot over a little bit” when they are just squeezing their way into seat in a tight place.

soka 10 sokal

9-Motorcycle rides aka ‘Moto’ are 1-every drivers worst nightmare on the road. 2-They broke my ‘goody two shoes girl’ image and turned me into a Bad A** chick -_- because I have no choice but to ride in one when I am running late during peak hours.

10-Haitian loves to live in community rather than living alone. In one neighborhood or nearby the same neighborhood you will find family members or friends who become extended family.soka7

It’s All Love

Sophie 🙂


11 thoughts on “Haiti Living and 10 things I’ve learn

    1. Haha I am happy I was able to deliver some entertainment through this post, only because it’s true. OH my you are right, street harassment is real, I always fear for my life when there’s a bunch of men in one place SMH

    1. Hey My Dana, oh my gosh I miss you all so much. I need to catch up with all of the awesome things you’ve been up to, I’ll be working a short post through this week to update you guys :). Thank you for checking up on me, you made my week xoxo

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience living in Haiti! I definitely understand the traffic part; I lived in Thailand for a few years and driving there felt almost impossible! But over time I got used to it. I really like the last part about living in a community, something that I appreciate about in many cultures outside the US. Have a great one Sophie! 🙂 xo~ Lena

    1. Lena, thank you for taking the time to read about my experiences and i am happy you were able to identify some of your experiences with mine. Thank you for stopping by, let’s not be strangers XO 🙂

  2. I just saw this post and really enjoyed reading it.

    I want to move back to Haiti sometime in 2019. Part of me is thinking “You are a mad girl to leave your life where you are” but the other part is like “All the people living there and making it, do they have 2 heads?”

    I have a lot to work on but I trust God everything will fall in place. xxx

    1. Hey my dear it is always a pleasure to hear from you. It is possible to move back to Haiti if that is what you truly desire. I’ve done it and had a lot of experiences when it comes to my career. I will sound like a broken record by saying do your research…but do you research and know in which sector that you want to eventually work when you come live in Haiti.

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