Gout et Saveurs Lakay, Mache Lokal recap

I don't play with my caramel flavor coffee :)
I don’t play with my caramel flavor coffee 🙂

 One of the things that fuels my passion for writing is to listen to strangers conversation while I look unbothered and being out in the field to enjoy life in it purest form. To give you a better idea of this event of “Gout et Saveurs Lakay” (French for Flavor and Taste from home) was made for talented chefs to showcase their extraordinary skills of cooking and innovating new dishes mixed in with traditional food and deserts found in Haiti. The best results for these talented chefs are when the public has their taste buds amazed by their secret ingredient and inviting aroma.

Although I didn’t participate in the previous days, I did had a wonderful evening exploring multiple products made from home. This event was called “Mache Lokal“; Haitian Creole for Farmer’s home market and it was taking place outdoors in the beautifully renovated park of “Place St Pierre across the Catholic church of Eglise St. Pierre. I love this place because it’s the road that I take to go hide and breath in and out from the heat and chaos of downtown.Cafe Selecto

The park was filled with people coming in mass from everywhere to support and appreciate the works of all of the vendors. From foreigners to locals, once you got into the park, there’s no way you would leave that place empty handed. In fact a lot of people shopped till they dropped only because from the samples that were being tasted, the products were great and they were made in high quality.There were the beautiful colors of vegetables from the booth up front to the tempting aroma of cooked food and soothing smells of flavored coffee from the booth of Cafe Selecto.

An entrepreneur at work
One of the staff of a booth pouring a delicious cocktail sample

 There were so many booths from alcohol Beverages made with Cocoa as the main base, Italian ice cream to calm down our tropical heat, coffee shop settings with delicious new flavors, oh so much that I had to capture the rest with the help of my camera. My highlights from that day was being stopped by people to see my shirt clearly and my small talk with the young entrepreneurs of CHOCOMAX ; the company who did a remixing from traditional eggnog turned into various flavors such as chocolate and others. We spoke to each other as if we knew one another before. We spoke a little about our goals, their new venture, their hopes and dreams for the young emerging company and their goals to prosper in Haiti.


Hydromiel alcohol beverage


Handmade eggnog
Handmade flavored jelly in mason jars
Met Fey
Met Fey Vet and I; the man who does such a tremendous job at promoting buying everything local in Haiti. Such a humble guy





Chocomax products; Chocolate eggnog


IMG_4500 IMG_4502

The team of CHOCOMAX

Do you like going to event happening in your town?
I sure do
It’s all love


2 thoughts on “Gout et Saveurs Lakay, Mache Lokal recap

  1. What a fun event! I would love to try out the talented chefs’s novel dishes with Haitian ingredients and flavoring to it! I love reading your post Sophie, the cultural element of it is so inspiring 🙂 – Lena

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