20 somethings life lessons

It’s obvious that I haven’t been on this planet for a long time but if you look around, you can guess that I’ve been present for a little while now. Like any other human being, I’ve experienced my highs and low. There were moments where my eyebrows were raised, my occasional WTF? moments and my favorite have been where I could not retain my laughter


1-Having Faith.Β Having faith in something that is bigger than me and something that is larger than life. In my case, my walk with God is an honest one…I don’t pretend that everything is mighty wonderful but I do admit that he has been faithful to me. I admit that I don’t always understand the situations that he puts me through nor do I understand his silence when our world face chaos, but after my distance with God…I came to the conclusion that I can’t live my life without him. He is larger than life.


2Learning to listen to other people when they choose YOU to be their wonder wall. We were made to live with each other, elevate one another and encourage one another. So whenever someone decides to trust you by telling you about the enthusiasm they carry daily for their dreams, don’t be that person to kill the fire in that person’s eye. Listen with your thoughts and mind alert and encourage that person in the path he or she desires. No dreams are too ridicules nor useless. Sometimes a venting session is all one person needs.

IMG_44113-Use and develop your critical thinking skills daily. It’s important to use your critical thinking skills in everything related to your welfare and the welfare of your dear ones. Read to educate your mind, question the content that you just read, did you understand what was being said? are your thoughts fuzzy or not? Analyze what you are hearing and seeing…It’s a beautiful thing to learn and to use that wonderful mind of yours.

Girl with lace top

4-Always be eager to learn something new. Hey it may be a new hobby, Β adding more fancy words into your vocabulary that you intend to use, learning some good techniques in make-up, attends seminar on subjects that are areas of your interest to add upon your knowledge. Whatever it is that tickles your curiosity, be shameless about learning and perfecting that craft.


5-Reach out and connect. We live in an era where bragging about cutting people off quickly is becoming the rapid norm. Hear me out a little bit before you give me a puzzle face. I understand people can be cruel, negative and have a straight narrow mind but please reach out and connect to the ones who hold an important place in your heart. A phone call, a text message, an invitation to brunch, a night out ect..We are all so busy making a living out of our busy schedules but every now and then it’s good to reach out and connect with our people. Plus, it gives us a strong boost to keep going and keep up with our daily grinding. Let’s start bragging about wanting to reach out and connect the same way we brag about cutting people off.Β IMG_4419 - Copy IMG_4420

I’d love to hear about your life lessons



8 thoughts on “20 somethings life lessons

  1. I really enjoyed this post, love the 20-something life lesson posts that are floating around at the moment. Point 5 rounded this post of nicely, if we were to just keep an open mind and heart and keep connected as well as reconnect with old friends and family the world would be a nicer place.
    I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Patricia Bright on Youtube but she recently did a video on “20 things I’ve learnt in my 20’s” which I thought was really relatable

    Shakeira x

    1. Thank you for your elaborated thoughts Shakeira, I am one of those people who can be bad at communicating but I realize that I need contact with other human being as well. Point number 5 really surprised me when I wrote it as well. Thanks for stopping by, I will check the video too

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