Expres-So attends Fanm Djanm event in Haiti

Fanm DjanmHer headwraps colors and her own inspirational quotes are all over my social networks feeds. Her body frame similar to the body structure of a ballerina gives me the impressions that she wakes up every mornings with the determination to dance throughout the day. Her pictures from her models presenting a lookbook with her headwrap sincerely are among the major things that gives me life…like my peers on the internet says when they are armed with lots of enthusiasm for something. Fanm Djanm; means Strong Women in Haitian Creole, is a headwrap line designed by Paola Mathe,created to empower women from all over the world and celebrate the strong women they are.

10714756_10204056867717863_1178783903_n (2)
Paola and Sophie
Fanm Djanm Headwraps and business cards

I was aware that Paola was in Haiti so I expected to see more vibrant colors on her upcoming posts whether from her blog or Instagram. The day before her Fanm Djanm event, CyCy ;my friend from Brockton sent me a  text regarding the event that Paola was having for Fanm Djanm in Haiti. Although I was a little hesitant at first since it was a Thursday, Cycy encouraged me to attend nonetheless. The next thing I know I was already picturing outfits to put together to go.

Fanm Djanm event
Le Boudoir de Francoise Elizee
The tutorial begins
Already wrapped in but her audience is paying attention
Live tutorial
Putting in the final touch


Marodie and Gessica
Marodie and Gessica catching up

After my busy Thursday at work I went home to change, grab my camera and headed to Petion-Ville to pick up my friend Ann on the way. We headed inside of the newly luxurious Hotel Royal Oasis, looking for the event setting. We didn’t need to read anything to indicate if we were going the right place because I saw so many beautiful Headwraps from afar. That was a definite sign that we were inside of the beautiful upscale boutique of “Le Boudoire de Francoise Elizee”. Once I was finally inside of the Boutique we met Paola with her welcoming wide smile and we got to know each other while the music was blasting up through the room. I didn’t have to take my time to look around for the Headwrap that was meant to go home with me since it was already in my hands minutes after my entrance to the boutique. Normally I’d go for a colorful choice but I was amazed at how the one that I chose wonderfully matched with my skin tone, enhanced my smile and made me feel like the true Haitian Princess that I am 🙂 In return, Paola tied my head choosing the style that was among my favorite, the Minnie Mouse style.I mean how did she know it was my favorite? I will never know.


Sophie and Valery Vilain
Sophie and Valery Vilain
Sophie and Ann
Minnie Mouse style
Minnie Mouse style

Overall the experience was a great one to me. Even with the surprising rain in the menu there were women rushing inside of the boutique after work to get their hands on those Fanm Djanm Headwraps and meet Paola. The next hour that I looked upon down the tray holding the Headwraps, they were all gone. For the remaining of the event Ann and I took pictures and you guess right we did had the shameless round of selfies. The hightlight of that night was having my picture taken with our very well known Haitian Actress Gessica Geneus. Looking back at the picture, we look like we were having a pleasant conversation sipping on our rhum punch.What a memorable Thursday Night out.

Sophie and Haitian actress Gessica Geneus
Sophie and Haitian actress Gessica Geneus



Sophie 🙂


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