Post off in denims…and affirmations


Ever since I’ve been home from my vacation, I’ve been dealing with some situations that requires my attention to take decisions for the better. The fact that these decisions that I have to take are shaping me for a better future, they put a whole filled with excitements and fears at the same time.

Besides decisions making and putting myself on the map, experiencing culture shock has been a mild case of mixed feelings every time I come back. Normally you experience culture shock when you visit another place, another country that isn’t familiar to what you are used to see on your daily basis. Yet after all these years of travelling, I would think that I’d be pass that stage by now but my hometown which is Port-Au-Prince never fails to struck me with shock when I go out and experience its loud, vibrant and chaotic streets. Although I love to experience life and be in the outdoors, with these chaotic streets mixed in with our dreaded heat sometimes I am better off staying home if there’s no need to go out.

After batting with my mild case of culture shock I’ve been putting a serious halt into impulsive shopping bit by bit and tune up aloud the desires of my heart. I’ve known from a long time that your tongue hold power of life or death whenever you speak so I do my ultimate best to think positive, and attract positive thoughts throughout the day. Even so my skeptical senses doesn’t allow me to be 100% optimistic because I don’t want to act like there’s no evil in the world that I live in because truth is, evil does exist. Now that I am facing some tough challenges, I’ve come to understand the roles of powerful loud affirmations and how it can smooth the rough rides I am in at the moment once I pray and believe in what I am claiming.

Although I will start believing in the life giving to these affirmation, I will also be at work so that I can birth them [The affirmations] To life. If you’re in a similar position like me, why don’t you let this entry inspire you to be great?




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