Big Apple


Let me just state if you grew up in a Haitian household, you can testify with me that we have different ways we take our vacation. If you are that kid under the age of 18 you have no choice but to do vacation your parent’s way. The type of vacations varies from running naked wild and free to the rivers in the beautiful countrysides of Haiti. You have the gateway from the chaotic capital of Port-Au-Prince from your rich uncle beach house in Labadee. Then you have your usual overseas vacations to the States, Canada, The Caribbean Island and further away in Europe and please don’t shoot me if I didn’t describe the other type of vacations. I’ve always fall into the category of spending my summers overseas since I was a little girl. However, one of the good side of being over the age 18 is the fact that I can decide how I want to spend my day off in my 2nd hometown away from my Home country.

blog 3Since I am an enegetic gal I have to be outdoors to feel like I am living in the moment. Whenever I am in the beautiful states of Massachusetts I make sure that I feel satisfied when my time of vacation is over before I head back to my reality. This year I had the brave help of my BFF who lives 4 hours from my Boston because of our travelling thirst, I ended up having an exciting adventure to New York City. I’ve been travelling all my life but this right there, nothing could top that type of happiness, fear , and bravery that I felt once my feet touched the soil of New York. I felt like a small child on Christmas day on the Bus ride to New York city from South Station Boston. Between fighting naps on the long road trip, my eyes were exploring the fast lanes of local travelling roads and every seconds that I was close to NYC I was overwhelm with joy and wonder just like any explorers. Once I got down from my terminal arrival, my BFF and I we managed to transform our joy into loud screams and without missing a beat NYC brought the best out of me.

bff 3




 night outnyc





We had our girls night out to chill and listen to bands playing in Stage 2 down in Manhattan and this is where I fell head over heels for this band called “The Score” and let go a little bit since I danced and let my inner conservative girl dissolve through the music. And this, Ladies and Gents is how New York City got the best out of me




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