Bright yellow

A year I had to get all the efforts off my sleeve to shot this paparazzi shots of this unknown coupe while I was on break from work. After a brief work of editing, it automatically went on my personal FB account and I smiled and blushed a bit once people’s attention shifted from the picture into the curiosity of finding about more upon the “Lucky guy” who was supposedly walking along side with me. In fact I smiled because I didn’t want to reveal the truth that I was the photographer rather than the girl in the picture.  I kept because Miss Sunshine from her dress could easily be mistaken by me from her body posture But the only truth about this picture is that I WISH that I was her

Every now and then when I look back at the rolls of pictures that I took that day, somewhere in my heart I wish to be the girl in the bright yellow dress for reasons that have no reasons. It’s strange for me to write such vague statement since I always attach a reason upon why I feel a certain way about someone, or something. In other words I am looking forward to share something that goes beyond my expectations. I wish I was her because I would love to feel the embrace of my guy’s hand while we are walking on the beach even if I know that I would talk anyways. I’d want to be in her place just to be able to feel his tender touch when we can’t control the crashes from the ocean waves, witness the lights that goes up in his eyes are we talk about the things he is passionate about, and finally like every realistic and non realistic have him reach for me to kiss me once the lights goes out. These are the magical things that my wonderful  friends/family/career/hobbies can’t offer me and it’s okay since everything have their own purpose in my life.all right because everything were designed for their own purpose.

Oh and something else that made me smile though it hurts a little is the fact that I had someone in my thoughts when I wrote this piece. 




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